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本文摘要:西餐厅服务员常用英语口语 1 ① How many ? / How many are your party ? 你们几位? 2 ① Two for dinner , please . 两人用餐。


西餐厅服务员常用英语口语 1 ① How many ? / How many are your party ? 你们几位? 2 ① Two for dinner , please . 两人用餐。② Can I have a table for two ? 有一张两小我私家的桌子吗? ③ Could you please make arrangements for a dinner party of six ? 能为6小我私家摆设就餐吗? ④ I’d like to reserve a table for five . 我要预定一张5小我私家的桌子。

⑤ I have a table for four under the name of Johnson . 我以约翰逊的名字订了一张4人的桌子。⑥ I would like a nonsmoking table for two . 我想在禁烟区要一张两人的桌子。⑦ Excuse me , is that table vacant ? 打扰了,请问这是空桌吗? 3 ① My friend will be along shortly . 我的朋侪一会就到。

② I’m expecting someone . 我在等人。4 ① Can I have the menu ? / Could you please give me the menu? / Bring me the menu , please . 5 ① Can / May I take your order now ? 现在可以点菜了吗? ② Are you ready to order now ? / Would you like to order now ? 您现在准备点菜了吗? ③ Would you like a drink before your meal ?/ Would you like a drink to start with ? ④ Would you care for a drink before you order ? 点菜之前您要喝点什么吗? ⑤ Would you like anything to drink ? 您想喝点什么吗? ⑥ Do you need a few minutes ( to decide what you want ? ) 你是不是想再等几分钟(决议你要什么?) 6 ① Yes , ⑴ I’d like to have / try some …… 是的,我想尝尝…… ⑵ I’ll try / have …… 是的,我想尝尝…… ② I’d like my steak rare / medium / well-done . 我想我的牛排五分/七分/全熟。


③ ⑴ We need a couple more minutes to decide ./ We need a few more minutes to decide . / We need a couple more minutes to decide . 我们要待会再点。④ I’m not ready to order yet . 我还没准备好点菜。

⑤ I haven’t figured out what I want yet . 我还没想好吃什么。⑥ I haven’t decide yet . 我还没想好。

⑦ I can’t decide . ⑴ What’s your recommendation ? / What would you suggest ? 你推荐什么菜? ⑵ What do you recommend ? 你推荐什么菜? ⑶ What’s good today ? 今天有什么佳肴? ⑷ What are the specials ? 今天有什么特色菜? ⑧ Well , …… is popular and …… is good . 恩,……很受接待,而且……也不错。⑨ Why don’t you order for me ? 还是你帮我点吧。7 May I serve your dishes , now ? 现在可以上菜了吗? 8 ① ⑴ Do you like your salad / steak / mutton-chop ……? 你的色拉/牛排/羊排……怎么样? ⑵ Yes , it’s nice and fresh . 是的,好吃,而且新鲜。

② ⑴ It’s so tasty ! 味道真美! 餐厅用餐英语口语 旅途中品尝异国美食时的兴奋与期待,就似乎买了彩券等候开奖一般 ,你永远不知道效果会是宾果或全军淹没,然而,无论效果如何,它 都将是旅程中难忘的回忆。如果菜式不合口胃,有时向服务生索取调 味酱,自己调味一番,倒也挺入口的。用完餐付费时,千万别忘了确 认帐单数目,以及付些小费表现谢意。

Could you tell me how to eat this? 请告诉我要如何食用这道菜? Is coffee included in this meal? 有咖啡做为附餐吗? Could you pass me the salt? 请把盐传给我。May I smoke? 可以吸烟吗? I'd like a glass of water, please. 请给我一杯水。My order hasn't come yet. 我点的食物还没来。


May I have a bottle of mineral water? 请给我一瓶矿泉水。This is not what I ordered. 这不是我点的食物。Uncarbonated mineral water, please. 请给我不含碳酸的矿泉水。

Check, please. 贫苦请结帐。May I have some more bread, please. 请再给我一些面包。

Can I pay here? 可以在这儿付帐吗? I'd like a dessert, please. 请给我一些甜点。We like to pay separately. 我们想要离开算帐。

What do you have for dessert? 甜点有那几种? I think there is a mistake in the bill. 帐单有一些错误。May I have some cheese? 可以给我一些芝士吗? Could you check it again? 可不行以贫苦再确认一次帐单? What kind of cheese is this? 这是什么口胃的芝士? Can I pay with this credit card? 可以用这张信用卡付帐吗? May I have just a little of it? 可以给我一点这个吗? May I have the receipt, please. 请给我收据。Can I have some fruit instead of the dessert? 可不行以不要甜点改要水果? 西餐厅与服务员的英语口语对话 Head Waiter:Good evening,sir.Do you have a reservation,sir? Customer:I am afraid not. H.W:Just a moment,please. H.W:I'm very sorry,we're full now.Would you mind waiting about ten minutes,sir? C:No,I don't mind. H.W:Here is the chair,sir. C:Thank you. H.W:I'm very sorry to have kept you waiting,sir. C:Okay?Thank you. H.W:This way,please. C:Thank you. H.W:Is this table all right? C:Yes,good.I don't have much time tonight.I have to see my friend at eight thirty in the lobby. H.W:Is that right,sir? H.W:Menu,sir. C:Thank you. Captain:May I take your order,sir? C:Yes,I want to have this smoked salmon.Is it good? Cap:Yes,very good,sir.It is Japanese origin,and it comes from Hokkaido,north area of Japan. C:Oh,yes?Hokkaido,I know.The Winter Olympic Games were held there several years ago. Cap:Yes,that's right,sir.Have you been there,sir? C:No,I've never been there.But I know it by newspapers that the Olympic Games were held at Sapporo. Cap:I see. Cap:Anything else,sir? C:No,nothing else.But I'd like to have a Scotch on the rocks.That's all tonight. Cap:Certainly.Just a moment,please. C:Okay. Waiter:Scotch on the rocks,sir. C:Thank you. W:Smoked salmon,sir. C:Oh,it looks nice.Thank you. C:Captain.This smoked salmon is very good.Excellent.May I have some more capers? Cap:Thank you,sir.Right now,sir.。